Lyrics: Joy

#9 Joy

n the same way I dream about spring, I dream about your eyes, your eyes.

I can't deny you've become a part of me. You've touched me deep, you're deep inside me.

And I want to be next to you, looking at you, live looking at you. And sometimes feel! In your eyes in heaven! I'm in heaven.

You are joy, you're pure joy for me and I'm mad with it. I'm mad and after you.

You awake passions and, through desire, you set fire to passions, when will you be mine?

And I am as I am, always looking at you, I want you for me. Feel! You are mine Heaven! It's open. Feel! In your eyes in heaven! I'm in heaven.

With your eyes I dream about spring; about your body, I'm dreaming about your body.