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Lyrics: Offering flowers

#4 Offering flowers

e met when we were playing, we became friends playing.

And when we were side by side in the park, time didn't exist for us.

The years went by and we were still close together, side by side, and walked along the street close together; but one day, without telling anyone, you found hell and fled from life, you ran away and now…

I'm standing up offering you flowers, life's over for you, I'm sorry, offering you flowers, life's over for you.

Time goes on but you're going to be missing from my life and my life won't be the same.

I'll have to carry sorrow in my heart and four questions: Why now? Why find hell? Why forget all your friends? What have you done to yourself?

And here I am offering you flowers, what have you done to your life? I'm sorry, offering you flowers, my life's in ruins.