Zumarragako trena

Lyrics: Zumarraga train

#1 Zumarraga train

n the Zumarraga train I'm flying, I'm free. Nobody knows where I am, what I've brought to swap. From between the shadows, from a cross, from somewhere nobody thinks of, I come out. If you feel me, take a look, I'm here for you, sweet, make the most of it! Pay attention! Come here!

Like two black eagles take flight we're free, and between laughter we see a red light in this station of ours. And then, all of a sudden, we look at each other, The games of love have started, yes, I'm sure of that. One arm around here, the other over there, we're going to get along, there's no doubt about it.

Forget about things, do what you have to, the train goes by just once, just once in your life. You're your own boss do what you have to do, the train picks you up, just once, just once on the route.