Zer da?

Lyrics: What's this?

#5 What’s this?

hat is a friend if not a smile, a piece of sunshine in the dark mist.

What is a good friend if not a piece of your heart: hold a hand out to them to the ones we really need when we can't be alone.

Look, look both ways if you want your future let's not forget you about me and me about you, let's find out about it all.

Let's enjoy it, let's suffer it, everything we've got, what we've fought for, our broken faces.

What we've lost, what we've won, the secrets we keep, the bits we've lost, your broken heart, the day after the night…

What is it? Real love, one sure look, amongst all the eyes a child's kiss on a sad day.

Between the two of us…

What we've enjoyed…