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Lyrics: I know how to I live

#2 I know how to I live

've taken a decision: I can't go on like this, you're not going forwards, I can't put up with it.

The blackest cat's eyes in the afternoon sky, our moment's gone the time's come for us, each of us with a different song.

How different you and I are, We have nothing in common, I know how to live all the way (just watch me) and I don't need you.

I know how to live without you. I know how to live alone, I know very well, and you know very well how many years have gone by, how many goodbyes, how many; how much effort for nothing.

There are no winners, it's no more than a sad story. We've tried, yes, but there's no way back from this.

How different we are (you and I), we have nothing in common, I'm at a crossroads now (watch me) and I don't have any doubts, I know how to live.

I'm going to live my life without you, alone. I know how to live, I know very well, how many years…