Alex Sardui
Gaizka Salazar
Mikel Caballero
Haimar Arejita

Gatibu is a Basque rock group founded in 2002 in Gernika-Lumo, a four-piece which has brought out five studio disks and a live disk to date. From their first songs it was very clear the group had been born to be part of one of the most widely-spread types of music in Basque culture. After more than a decade their work sounds more natural, sweeter and opener; their work in the studio has improved remarkably and they still steer clear of avant-garde tendencies.

Their musical style is based on colourfully sung Western Basque, full of melody and life. Wide-ranging music free of any artistic complexes; the force of rock splashed with pop tones plus passion and the will to live; songs about love and friendship, emotions and changes in mood in daily life. But although the trunk of their music is rock and pop, they also take care of the branches and leaves which spring out from it: folk, country and disco/funky dance rhythms are also part of their repertoire in a completely natural way. They cultivate styles which open windows to music, wanting the band to be open to new influences at all times.

During the last twelve years the group has given hundreds of concerts all over the Basque Country, filling concert halls and town squares to bursting point. In 2006 they played at the first Bilbao BBK Live, opening for groups such as Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, The Cult, The Cardigans and Lori Meyers. In 2014, for instance, at festival EHZ, they had the chance to share the stage with the famous groups Ska-P and Pendulum. They have played in a few Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Orense and Gijon and in other foreign cities such as London, Belfast, Cork and Londonderry.

Virtuoso musicians who have collaborated with Gatibu include «Robe» Iniesta (Extremoduro), «Fito» Cabrales (Platero y Tú, Fito & Fitipaldis), Iñaki «Uoho» Antón (Platero y Tú, Extremoduro), Luis Camino (21 Japonesas, Mecano, Abya Yala) and José Alberto Batiz (Akelarre, Tapia eta Leturia Band, Fito & Fitipaldis), all very well-known in the Basque Country and in Spain because of their contributions to music.

EITB Euskal Irrati Telebista (Basque Radio Television) has given the group three prizes for its good work: In 2003 they won the Gaztea Prize for the best song and in 2009 the Gaztea Prize for best song and disc: a double prize. Equally noteworthy was the special mention their disc Zazpi Kantoietan was given by This Is Rock specialist magazine in its number 105.


«Euritan Dantzan» is Gatibu’s sixth disk. Haimar Arejita and Iñigo “Pitu” Etxebarrieta produced it together at Muxikon studio, Mungia, Bizkaia. In between the five new danceable pop and rock songs, there is a Nashville-style version of Benito Lertxundi‘s «Loretxoa» and a bertso (Basque improvised poem) set to music in the style of Nancy Sinatra‘s Bang bang (My baby shot me down). The idea for this disk was an opener, more atmospheric, cleaner and more classic sound. It’s Gatibu’s most natural, least varnished disk, the freshest one. Full of direct, catchy tunes, it’s a symbiosis of a bare guitars which reminds you of classic rock and pop and get your body moving, helped along by perfect bass and drums.

This group keeps on going up, but its summit is still a long way off. With an eye to the future, Gatibu’s challenge is to take its music outside the Basque Country too, knocking over all the prejudices about singing minority languages being an obstacle for music to be widely listened to and speaking up for the universality of music.

Audio-video: "Salto!"